How to
Survive Death

Is death the end
or a new beginning?

by Niels Kjeldsen available for purchase


How to Survive Death

When you read this, there is a good chance that you have heard about this book.

If a friend or loved one is in severe physical trouble, you can call 911. Paramedics will know what to do, the hospital personnel and doctors are well-educated on handling physical illness, accidents, etc. You will get professional help, and there will be somebody to help and take care of the body.

Who do you call if the being is about to leave the body? “What is going to happen when I die?” “What can I expect?” “How can I prepare?” The person might ask.

Bodies do not last forever and are not designed to do so. People get old, and they die.

Where is the person with the answer to these vital questions? Who will be able to assist that person? Remember, the spiritual entity is still existing when the body stops.
Who is telling him what to do and not to do? Who can do “emergency assistance”? YOU can!

Yes, you can be the one assisting and doing the job when you have read this book.
This book is for you, even if you’re just curious about the “afterlife” or know somebody who is.

The book is also about the author’s journey from rebellious youth to a fulfilling life, helping others achieve their full potential. On that journey, he never stopped searching for better answers to life’s mysteries—solutions that consistently work. You’ll learn many of those answers here.

Death could be considered natural as life itself. There is no life without death. It begins and goes on for some time, hopefully long, but for sure, it ends. And it’s better to know before it ends. Perhaps you can learn something about it, something not so bad, something even magical, that is worth knowing.


“The book is really a must if you believe that you are a spirit and not your body. Looking at the history of the human race, it’s a very new idea that you are a body and only a body – an idea, by the way, which is just that “an idea” for which there are no proofs or otherwise. For thousands of years and in most parts of the world, the prevalent idea is still that man is an immortal spirit separate from the physical universe and its laws. If you are of that conviction, you should definitely read this book.”
L.N., Pilot
“I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of Niels life. It was very interesting, and I found it to be very entertaining. The data on surviving death (Which really made the title appropriate) was particularly helpful, and after reading the book, I was able to help my dying mother make a smoother, more comfortable transition from her body to what lies beyond.”
S.Y., Writer
“This book is a fresh look at the age-old question, is there life after death? And if so, what exactly should one do in order to have a better chance of success in his next life? This book gave me the answers I have been looking for all my life, and I am no longer worried about what will happen after this life is over for me so that I can live my life to the fullest. Thanks so much, Niels, for shedding so much-needed light on this topic.”
M.T., Contractor
“A fascinatingly different view at our Final Destination, Death, written by a Viking who lived life and raced motorcycles. I can almost guarantee that this book will present ideas you have never considered, and more importantly, provide the world’s most most important manual for passing beyond the veil.”
D.F., Minister
“Thank you for the beautiful book. Appreciate your Honesty regarding your life. I have been looking for these answers all my life. When in school, I asked the teacher what happens after death, No Answer! I have been wondering for years and what you said made so much sense to me. The power of simplicity. Thank you, I will use it!”
T.P., Counselor

About the Author

Niels Kjeldsen

Danish and American Citizen, living in Florida USA.
Married to Theodosia Kjeldsen.
Father to two grown-ups and one grandchild.
Motorcycle racing from 1968 to 1974. Won many championships in sidecar racing.
Business and personal consulting for 35 years.
Minister and Human Rights advocate.
Founder of two different companies.
40 years study of the mind, religion and philosophy.
Author of the book “How to survive death”.
Art and sports enthusiast.
Motto: Take things serious without being serious.

How To Survive Death

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